“Carly to me is beyond the best. When she teaches my class always listens and she manages a classroom very well. One thing I absolutely loved was that she wouldn't really hunt us down if we were missing any work she would let us know and tell us it's worth to our grade and that for me got me doing all my work. Carly has many great qualities!"

— Sabirina S, Former Student

“I had Ms. Carly before and I am now in a similar class with a different professor. What a difference a teacher makes. Ms. Carly was able to keep a very large class motivate and engaged. My new class is small but students are sleeping, texting, talking and generally not paying any attention in class. I wish I could have taken Ms. Carly again this tri!”

— Ally H, Former Student

"This teacher is the best! Carly cared so much about her students. She would let us know when we were missing assignments in a positive way, which helped so much since I have ADHD and have trouble with focusing and follow-through. I learned so much about communication, teamwork, multitasking, and all the different roles in health care!"

— Skylar L, Former Student

“Carly is an amazing professor! She's really good at making class interesting and she's very passionate about what she does. If you need help with anything or have any worries you can talk to her and figure something out. I wish she taught more nursing classes so I could take her again!”

— Amber R, Former Student